Thursday, February 26, 2009


Here is a funny video about Governor Jindal and how he sounds like Kenneth from 30 Rock! A pretty good comparison!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Parker and Daddy with Scarfy

Here is a picture with Scarfy the Snowman-a Parker and Daddy creation!

Parker Update

I think it is time for a Parker update! This might involve some bragging- but I am completely entitled, I am his mom!! Look at that face! I can't believe how big he is getting! He wants to do everything for himself - if we accidentally do something for him, he will completely redo it just so he can do it. It can be really hilarious! The other night he wanted to get his blanket from his room and I got it. He got so mad and then took the blanket all the way back to his room just so he could get it.

He is in this eating phase where all he wants to eat are pancakes-microwavable baby pancakes. I can't let him eat all that enriched flour and sugar all the time. So I have tricked him a little. He does find the whole wheat blueberry waffles acceptable and I even was able to talk him out of using syrup! And he will drink the drinkable yogurt with it - so I don't feel as bad. I think he likes to eat this stuff because he can make it himself - he can open the freezer, put them on the plate and push the buttons on the microwave. A few more weeks and Jim and I can start sleeping in on the weekends - he can fix himself breakfast and work the tv - why does he need us? JUST KIDDING!

His other phase right now is that he wants to know how to spell everything. Everything he looks at he asks you how to spell it. So far, from memory, he can spell: Parker, stop, go, off, pool, open, on, no, hot. It is exciting to watch his little brain working. It is fun to watch him make connections between things and how things work. And to know that he really does hear us even when we don't think he is listening!

The funniest thing he does is ask why -constantly! We still haven't come up with a pat answer that will satisfy him. We use "Because God made it that way" alot but then we get "Why did God make it that way" He is fascinated with why the Hulk only wears pants. "Why does the Hulk only wear pants for" (and yes he ends ever sentence in "for" we are working on that!) "Because he gets angry and grows out of his clothes" "Why does he get angry for" "Why did his clothes get too little for" "Why did he turn green for" This usually ends with "I'm not sure, you should ask your dad" Super Heroes are really Jim's area. The cycle is just so funny and it is usually the same set questions every day!

And I think that by far though best thing that he does is the spontaneous "I love you Mommy" and "I love you Daddy" that he says several times a day. He says it in this sweet little voice with a tight hug that just makes all right in my world.

And there you have it! A Parker update...